About the Council

The Pastoral Care Council of the ACT


The Pastoral Care Council of the ACT is an independent peak body that represents a cross-section of the pastoral care providers and is accountable to the community through the network of pastoral carers and pastoral care providers.

The provision of pastoral and spiritual care is seen by the ACT government as an essential support for good health in the community. Through a grant ACT Health enables the Council to have a part-time administrator.

The Council includes representation from religious and spiritual orginisations and pastoral carers, together with representation from bodies concerned with pastoral care, and appropriate representation by ACT government.


» Membership of the Council


The Board is the executive arm of the Pastoral Care Council of the ACT. The Council appoints the Board from its membership, and advises on directions of the Board.


» Membership of the Board
» Tasks of Board


Responsibilities of Council & its Board


1 Provide a network to enhance the provision of pastoral care in the ACT


2 Advocacy and support for pastoral care opportunities


3 Establish standards for pastoral care provision


4 Administer any provision of pastoral care undertaken by the Board.


5 Accreditation and registration of pastoral carers


6 Developing training (including in-service training)


7 Ensure provision of support networks, mentoring, ongoing supervision


8 Conferences and retreats


9 Liaise with other caring modalities


10 Seek financial support to maintain the provision of pastoral care


11 Develop ethical and legal standards for the provision of pastoral care




Pastoral Care Practioners: Persons who provide pastoral care.
Pastoral Care Providers: Organisations responsible for provision of pastoral care.


» Details on governance {Constitution}





The Board


Ms Janet Perry (Chair)
Mr Bill Arnold (Secretary)
Mrs Susan Miller (Treasurer)
Ven. Tenpa Bejanke Duim (Public Officer)
Ven. Dr Wayne Brighton
Mr Fethullah Erdogan
Ms Marian Luke

Executive Officer: Mr Kevin Teo

Acknowledgement is made of the support by ACT Health for the provision of a grant enabling a part-time Executive Officer.



The Council


Chair of the Council: Ms Janet Perry – Rigpa Fellowship

Organisations represented on the Council

ACT Bahá'í Centre
ACT Corrective Services
ACT Churches Council
ACT Health (Health Directorate)
ACT Humanist Society
ACT Jewish Community
Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn
Anglicare Canberra & Goulburn
Australian Catholic University
Australian Christian Churches
Australian Sangha Association
Baptist Church
BaptistCare (Baptist Community Services)
Calvary Health Care
Calvary John James Hospital
Canberra and Region Centre for Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education
Canberra Hospital
Canberra Islamic Centre
Canberra Sikh Association
Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn
Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn
CatholicCare (Centacare)
Clare Holland House
Greek Orthodox Church
Hindu Temple & Cultural Centre of the ACT
Mirinjani Village
National Capital Private Hospital
Presbyterian Church
Rigpa Fellowship
RSL LifeCare Sir Leslie Morshead Manor
Scripture Union
Southern Cross Care
Spiritual Care Australia
St Mark's National Theological Centre
The Salvation Army
Uniting NSW/ACT (UnitingCare)
Uniting Church in Australia
University of Canberra

Organistions may seek membership of the Council by writing to:
The Secretary
Pastoral Care Council of the ACT
c/o St Mark's National Theological Centre
15 Blackall Street
Barton ACT 2605