ACT Disaster and Recovery Chaplaincy Network

ACT Disaster and recovery chaplaincy network (ACT DRCN)

The Pastoral Care Council administers the ACT Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network (DRCN). The chaplains and pastoral carers who are part of this multifaith network provide an invaluable service during times of crisis, being deployed to disaster areas
and evacuation centres to assist any persons in need. Any deployment is initiated by the  Community Services Directorate (CSD).

The chaplains and pastoral carers who are deployed undergo specialized training, with a credential that is renewed every three years to ensure all personnel are well equipped with current knowledge of providing care or ministering in disaster settings.

Pastoral care is part of the ACT Government's Community Recovery Sub-Plan, with the Council responsible for the coordination of any required services. Representatives of the Council are part of CSD's Community Recovery Sub Committee, which meets regularly to plan and prepare for emergencies.

The ACT DRCN currently has more than 20 chaplains available for deployment, many of whom also assist in NSW. The ACT DRCN Coordinator is Mrs Susan Miller.