History – Growth from Search Conference

Growth from a Search Conference


In February 2005 a Search Conference on Pastoral Care was held at The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Barton, Canberra.

Some 55 people drawn from the ACT and nearby region of NSW met to review and plan for the provision and support of pastoral care services in Canberra and Region. Participants were drawn from Government, Church, Religious Organizations, Pastoral Care Departments and Organizations, Welfare groups and Consumer groups. The Search Conference was facilitated by Garry Watson.

The Conference established a Continuing Committee with the brief to facilitate the setting up of bodies to oversee the development of pastoral care in the community in Canberra and Region, and to oversee the running of a Multifaith training group in pastoral care proposed by the Canberra and Region Center for Spiritual Care and Clinical Pastoral Education.

To this end there has been the development of a Pastoral Care Council of the ACT with its launch in Feburary 2007.

Parallel to this, an Advisory Committee on Pastoral Care within Greater Southern Health in NSW was established.


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