Standards for Pastoral Care

Standards for Pastoral Care


Standards of Practice are authoritative statements that describe broad responsibilities for which practitioners are accountable. It provides direction for practice and a framework for the evaluation of practice.

These standards provide valuable guidance for the way that pastoral care is provided by individual practitioners. It also provides a reference for best practice within institutions, as well as for the religious and faith bodies which encourage and sponsor the provisioning of pastoral care with chaplains and spiritual carers.

All organisations and persons (including chaplains) who provide pastoral care within the Australian Capital Territory will be encouraged to adopt and use these standards.


»Standards of Practice for Pastoral Care [PDF file]




"The Standards are about seeking quality and excellence. It is important to seek best practice. We seek to provide a range of standards that are achievable by pastoral carers, many of whom in the ACT are volunteers, often for only a few hours a week. Our survey indicated that it is likely that a significant proportion of pastoral care practitioners may initially need further training and support to achieve these standards. The development of these Standards marks an important step in the work of the Council, in addressing one of its key mandates."

Rev. Geoffrey Hunter - former Chair of the Board



Training for Pastoral Carers


Clinical Pastoral Education or equivalent training has provided an Australia-wide standard of training of pastoral carers.



Accreditation of Pastoral Carers


The Council plans to invite pastoral carers to affiliate with the Council and become registered as an "Accredited Pastoral Carer". A certificate of "accreditation" will be issued subject to identification of appropriate training and recommendations.